The simplest approach to making money out of a tech blog is to monetize it. You may accomplish this in various ways by signing up for an advertising program, starting affiliate marketing, or by writing unique blog posts.

This article explains some of the best ways to earn money through a tech blog.

How To Make Money From A Tech Blog

Affiliate Marketing

When starting a tech blog, the best method to make money is to turn into an affiliate marketer for one or more products. When a business pays a website or a person to drive traffic and revenue to their website, this is known as affiliate marketing.

Amazon, for example, is a huge store that participates in affiliate programs. Bloggers, content producers, and other company owners may participate in their programs to make extra money from their websites and online publications, such as blogs.

As long as you write a meaningful post and include links to items in it, you may become an affiliate marketer. As a result, readers may then follow the author’s recommendations by clicking on the links.

Whenever visitors click the link is clicked, the blog’s author can be compensated for the quantity of traffic the link generates or for a percentage of the sales proceeds.

Join Ad Programs

Joining an ad network is another wonderful option to monetize your tech blog. These networks pay you depending on how many people click on the advertisements you place on your site. It is possible to join Google Adwords if you already have a website.

Before a website can approved for inclusion in an ad program, it must first meet a set of criteria. Ads will begin to appear on the blogs once the website is approved for the program.

 The website must satisfy certain criteria to be admit into specific advertising programs.  A well-designed and user-friendly website is essential to attract visitors and keep them coming back.  To get started, you can either buy an already-established site with a large following or you may start from scratch with a brand-new site that you gradually grow in popularity by adding fresh content. Either buying an existing website or building a new one from the bottom up costs money upfront. Consider getting a personal or company loan to help fund your project if your finances are tight. If you’re considering a personal loan, do your research and borrow carefully.

The blog owner can start earning money from their blog once visitors begin interacting with the website and the links available there. Some companies will spend a lot of money to have their ads shown on all of the web pages in the program.

Create Original Content For Tech Blog

When it comes to making money out of a tech blog, this advice isn’t enough on its own, but it can assist with ad and affiliate programs, for example. Any sort of blog, but notably one specializing in technology, has to produce distinctive and original material in order to make money.

Good content will keep blog and website visitors coming back for more. Search engines like Bing and Google use this information to refine their search results based on traffic numbers.

The more visitors your tech blog attracts, the higher it will rise in the search engine rankings. Your site should be in the top five results of a search engine return in order to attract the most traffic.

Put Your Content Behind A Paywall

Another motivation to produce high-quality, new content for the tech blog is to be able to charge a fee for it. You may encourage your viewers and subscribers to pay for your best content by placing it behind a paywall.

Creating a “tech installation guide” and charging readers $1.00 to download it is one way to achieve this. Paid content may offered by new and unknown people, but this normally works much better with a preexisting following.

Make and Sell Products On Tech Blog

Another fantastic approach to monetizing your website is to create merchandise that is specific to your brand and your tech blog. Do you employ a memorable tagline or slogan? For the end of your posts, why not use a distinctive signature? Print it on a t-shirt or a bumper sticker and give them out to your customers.

There are several websites where you may design and sell your own products for a little charge. There are several options for printing, shipment, and vendor management in the form of services like Shopify, Printify, and Spreadshop, among others.


The same rules apply to affiliate marketing and selling your own products. You won’t generate any money if you don’t have a lot of visitors to your website. Get people to your site, then make some money off of it.